Nesmith second half surge not enough for the Wolves

Marilynn Nesmith led Wesleyan with 15 points, 2 assists, 4 steals and 4 rebounds on Saturday making her the second leading scorer in the game across both teams, but once again the Wolves were outdone by their lack of depth and overall experience. Maryville played 10 players for at least 15 minutes a piece with all of them scoring points. They outrebounded the Wolves by 30 while shooting 41% from three point range. Wesleyan did manage to shoot just over 85% from the free throw line, but unfortunately they didn't shoot enough free throws for that statistic to work in their favor.  

Coach Kyle Herring had this to say after the game, "Marilynn Nesmith came out and played well this afternoon. I think she had 15 points. I have to go back through games this year but that might be a season-high for our team. She plays so hard and is doing a great job for us. We missed some good looks early in the game or we would have had a chance to break the 30 point barrier. That would be a first with this team, I believe."

Wesleyan has struggled offensively this season, but they will look to notch a home win on Sunday when they host Berea College at noon. Once again the game will be played at Central Georgia Technical College's Titans Arena.