Yasnei Llavore, Softball

Yasnei Llavore, Softball

A Freshman on the Wolves Softball team Yasnei Llavore has already had a huge impact both on and off the field. With her ability to command an infield as well as rip the cover off the ball she has been a leader on the field. With a positive attitude and admirable work ethic she has also led off the field in her short time at Wesleyan. 

Yasnei hails from Miami, Florida. A graduate of American Heritage School and a standout on the Diamond Dusters Yasnei has been playing ball since she was 8 years old. The first 4 of her career were spent playing Baseball. At 12 years old she made the switch and hasn't looked back since. Her freshman year of High School Llavore was named Student Athlete of the Year, she was also a standout Volleyball player.

This week Yasnei has gone 6 for 14 with 2 doubles and hit in the game winning run of the Wolves first win of the season. 

Interview with Yasnei Llavore

Favorite Softball memory? Favorite Wesleyan Softball memory?
Going with my Travel team to play in the Colorado Sparklers tournament in Boulder, CO.

Meeting my friends on the team and getting to know them

Why did you choose Wesleyan?
I liked the coaching style of Coach Giovannini when I met her over the summer.

Do you have any relatives who played collegiate athletics?

Favorite class you've taken at Wesleyan:
General Psychology with Dr. Cole.

Most influential professor, coach or staff member you've encountered during your time at Wesleyan and why:

Coach Giovannini, because she makes us want to be better people and work hard for everything we have.


Is there anything we don't know about you yet that you want others to know?

1. I love to go spear fishing when I am home with my family

2. I have 2 younger brothers and 2 dachshund puppies named Hershey and Junior

3. I am fluent in 2 languages